Taliban blow another ambush

Captain's Quarters:

Taliban forces ambushed American and Afghan troops in Kandahar province today -- and now probably wish they hadn't. They killed one Afghan soldier and wounded three others, but lost over 100 men when the Americans called airstrikes down on their position:

More than 100 Taliban insurgents and allies have been killed in a major battle with US-led troops in southern Afghanistan, according to the US military.

The fighting erupted after a convoy of Afghan and US coalition forces came under attack in Shah Wali Kot district in Kandahar province and called in air support.

There were no civilian casualties reported but one Afghan security force member was killed and three foreign troops and three Afghan soldiers were wounded.

The Taliban continues to prove wildly inept at actual warfare. They lost 100-1 in this engagement -- when they had tactical surprise and presumably the best ground. In any rational armed force, or even with partisans, this kind of leadership would have transferred to latrine management, if not the stockade.


How do we persuade these guys to try more ambushes? What is really sick is they think they are winning because they continue to implement failed attacks. Mullah Omar is apparently having trouble getting good replacement help for the attrition his forces have suffered in recent years.


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