Democrats are being attacked, not the Frost family

E.J. Dionne thinks conservatives are being mean to the Frost family by pointing out facts that make the Democrat case for SCHIP less than robust. Typical of liberals in these debates they change the subject to being mean to one of their props rather than the issue of whether this program should be expanded. As usual Paul Krugman was even worse in sliming those on the right who criticized the Democrats use of the boy as a prop in their vote buying scheme.

The fact is that the Democrats need to come out and argue their programs on their merits instead of using "unassailable" props in an attempt to cut off debate. That they have not learned their lesson can be seen by two different liberal columnist trotting out the "how dare you" meme they use to defend their use of props.

They miss one of the main weaknesses of this latest prop. It has nothing to do with his personal situation, other than the fact that he was and still would be covered under the President's proposal. The program does not needed to be expanded to take care of him.

What the Democrats need to do to spare the Frosts is make their own case for expansion of the program to people paying the alternative minimum tax. That is a subject they would rather avoid. It is more fun to accuse their opposition of being mean to cripples.

Michelle Malkin
and Power Line respond to the meanie charge. I think those on the left are most angry about the fact that their Kings X, "how dare your" rift is not working anymore.


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