Biden's rush to destruction of US

 Red States:

It Sure Looks Like Joe Biden Is Trying to Purposely Destroy the Country

If the Biden administration were actually purposely trying to destroy the country, what would they be doing differently? That’s a question everyone should ask themselves at this point. At every turn, on every issue, the president and his team are moving to do exactly the opposite of what has to happen to help, and they are doing so with blatant arrogance.

The only thing that makes sense is that they see the electoral writing on the wall, with a red wave coming in 2022 and re-election in 2024 slipping away as well. With their fate quickly becoming settled, they are rushing to “transform” every aspect of the country they can before they lose power. That’s bad enough in a macro sense, but what makes it worse is that you, the individual, get to take the punch to the face so they can accomplish their partisan wants. It’s a grotesque scene.

I have never seen a President so hell-bent on doing the wrong thing for the country.  Biden's energy policy has been not only a disaster for the US but has allowed Russia's war in Ukraine killing thousands.  Those who helped make Biden's election possible should be held accountable.


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