Texas farmers and ranchers tell Biden administration about the damage caused by illegals trespassing

 John Arthur:

On June 3, the American Farm Bureau sent President Joe Biden’s administration a letter begging for help after the surge in illegal aliens since January have “severely” impacted ranchers and their families by destroying crops, increasing crime, and causing other hazards. The letter was signed by Farm Bureaus from all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico.

The letter was addressed to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Agriculture Sec. Tom Vilsack, and Interior Sec, Deb Haaland.

“We have been listening to the concerns of our members and hearing how their livelihoods are being affected by the surge on the border. Farm and ranch families, many of whom have owned land for generations, are bearing the brunt of this unprecedented influx and have never seen a more dire situation,” the farmers wrote.

“They shared how their crops and property are being damaged, which in turn has caused financial hardship,” their letter continued. “For example, these landowners are experiencing cut fences, destroyed crops, compromised water sources, vandalism, litter on their property and more. Most importantly, the security and safety of these families are at stake given the current circumstances.”

Border crossings have surged to the highest records in nearly two decades, with more than 170,000 having been stopped in May by Border Patrol since January, according to Axios.

These migrants are often brought by coyotes — human traffickers paid thousands of dollars to bring vulnerable individuals and children to the U.S. border.

The Farm Bureau writes that, “Human smugglers (Coyotes) are making false promises and doing whatever it takes to get paid and get away, including jeopardizing lives and property. In their desperation to evade law enforcement, Coyotes abandon people, steal vehicles, vandalize property and threaten the safety and livelihoods of farmers and ranchers.”

“They are often criminals who smuggle drugs and firearms into the country, frequently leaving them on farmers’ and ranchers’ property, causing unrest for farm and ranch families,” the farmers note.

The letter also notes that the crisis does not just impact border states, as illegal aliens travel through the country. It ends by begging, “On behalf of farm and ranch families and our communities, we urge you to recognize the crisis and take swift action.”


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The administration's claim that this is caused by "climate change" makes zero sense.  If climate changed caused migration why would people from New York and California be migrating to Texas, Florida, and Tennessee?  The Central Americans and Mexicans are coming here for the same reason--JOBS.  At the same time, they are migrating here,. wealthy Americans are buying places in the countries the migrants are coming from in mostly resort areas.  There are actual TV shows of their house hunts in Central America and the Caribbean.  They would not be doing that if there was a real climate change problem down there.


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