DeSantis warns Antifa and BLM

 Red States:


... Last week as DeSantis was announcing $1,000 bonuses for Florida first responders for their hard work during the coronavirus pandemic, the popular Republican governor was asked about the anti-rioting/pro-police bill he signed into law last month that, among other things allows for local governments to be sued if they tell law enforcement to stand down, which enables rioters. It also increases penalties for radical “protesters.”

During the presser, DeSantis explained exactly why the legislation was necessary and tied the increase in violence in Democrat-led cities like Minneapolis, MN, and Portland, OR to the combination of efforts in those places to both defund the police and pretend that rioters who were targeting federal buildings and maiming police officers were merely exercising their First Amendment rights.

That should never happen anywhere, he said in so many words, but especially in Florida where he has all but put up an actual sign that warns radical Antifa/BLM leftists to stay out. In fact, that’s exactly what he told them in his answer to the reporter:

“There’s a lot of places around this country that have not stood by law enforcement, and the tragedy of it is, you’re seeing crime spike in certain parts of our country like we haven’t seen in decades,” he explained. “The people that are going to be most affected by that are the most vulnerable members of our society.”

“One of the reasons we are here today with the bonuses is because we know just how important that is. It tells people, ‘Hey, if you are in Portland and you think you can come down to Florida and do this, stay out of our state!’ We don’t want you coming down here and causing problems.”


This is a smart move.  It will protect citizens and the police from the mob violence of Antifa and BLM.  Texas is putting in place similar laws to stop the rioting and abuse. 


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