Republican Lt. Gov. of North Carolina gives Democrats a history lesson

 Red States:


North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R), who is the first African-American to hold the position in the state, tore into Democrats during his opening statement, calling it “preposterous” and “insulting” to suggest black Americans weren’t capable of understanding how to go about obtaining a valid form of voter ID in order to cast their votes:

The sacrifices of our ancestors so I could have the opportunity to become the first black lieutenant governor of my state, to see a black man sit in the White House, and for millions of us to be leaders in business, athletics, and culture is incredible.

Now today we hear comparisons of Georgia law compared to Jim Crow, that black voices are being silenced, and that black voices are being kept out. How? By fear of a noose or chains? To be fired from work? To be ostracized by their communities? No. A freeID to vote. Let me say that again, a free ID to vote.

How absolutely preposterous. Am I to believe that black Americans who have overcome the atrocities of slavery, who were victorious in the civil rights movement, and who now sit in the highest levels of government cannot figure out how to get a free ID to vote?

That we need to be coddled by politicians because they don’t think we can figure out how to make our voices heard? Are you kidding me!? The notion that black people must be protected from a Free ID to vote is not just insane, it’s insulting.

He also correctly pointed out how, contrary to the claims of Democratic leaders, Democrats aren’t really committed to respecting all black voices. He cited a recent example involving a visit Vice President Kamala Harris made to North Carolina to back up his point:

Just a few days ago the Vice President went and visited the very place I mentioned earlier, the lunch counter in Woolworth’s, to see the place where history was changed. You know who wasn’t invited to be there with her? My good friend and Civil Rights Icon Clarence Henderson. The person whose picture is in history books, the person who actually sat in the chair and endured to make sure that black voices were heard.

You might ask why that is so and I will tell you plainly. The goal of some individuals in government is not to hear the voices of all black Americans, it is to hear the voices of those that fit their narrative, and ultimately that help keep one group in power.

It was later during the hearing when, as you might imagine, things got especially interesting and, shall we say, “chippy” after an exchange between Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) and Robinson on the Republican track record on abolishing slavery, and passing voting rights and civil rights legislation. After Roy noted how preposterous it was for House Democrats to suggest Republicans are trying to revive the Jim Crow era considering their history of opposing such racist and discriminatory laws that were put in place by Democrats, Robinson again lit into the Democrats on the panel.


I have liked this guy since the first time I heard him speak well before he was elected as Lt. Governor.  He is a blunt truth-teller who successfully resists Democrat BS.  He and Burgess Owens are calling out the Democrats' ridiculous position that blacks are incapable of getting a Voter ID.  Good for them.


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