Trump's economy has done more for blacks than any of the black Democrats in Congress have done

Washington Post:

In Atlanta, Trump rallies black supporters as polls show scant backing among African Americans

The president unveiled a new campaign outreach effort to search for “every last African American vote” after a summer during which he taunted minority lawmakers.
The polling has been very positive for Trump depending on the pollsters.  The Post apparently is ignoring those polls that show him doing very well with black voters. The reality is that he only needs to improve a little to defeat a Democrat candidate.  When Trump was running in 2016 he told blacks what have you got to lose by voting for him and he was right.  Trump's policies have created millions of jobs for blacks and improved their salaries.  It would be a mistake for them to vote for Democrats whose policies kept them in dependency and poverty.

The criticism of black leaders in Congress whose districts are full of squalor and crime was valid.  Democrats just are not willing to face up to the failure of their policies as long as their politicians are getting rich.  Wherever you see blacks in poverty it is in areas controlled by Democrats.


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