The Democrat thugocracy

Karin McQuillan:
Democrats have become the party of thuggery, from the top leaders abusing President Trump as a traitor and criminal, to the Antifa black shirts beating up Trump supporters in Democrat cities. The ginned up hysteria over Trump’s election has grown with Trump’s triumphant successes with the economy and national security.

The Democrats’ motivation for the fake impeachment crisis is obvious—they have no platform and no candidate that gives them a path to the White House. What is less obvious is why three years of ugly, crude propaganda, threatened and actual violence, wearisome agitation and lies is playing so well to previously normal Democrats.

The Democrat Party has veered far left very fast, without any pushback from within the party. Their voters have turned, seemingly overnight, from normal American citizens to a deranged mob after Trump’s blood. This weird transformation is normalized by blaming it on Trump himself, and the shock of his victory. A moment’s reflection shows how superficial that derangement explanation is.

Trump did not make the Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders a powerful political force in 2016. He is not responsible for Elizabeth Warren’s desire to confiscate people’s wealth. Trump did not cause the majority of Democrats to reject freedom of speech and religion, or to prefer socialism to capitalism. How did those radicals become so powerful that they now dominate the party leadership?

There is nothing in what Trump has done as president that explains the unconstitutional attacks against him. It is the reverse—the attempt to frame and entrap President Trump and his team as traitors with Russia, was begun by the Obama DOJ, FBI, CIA and White House before his inauguration. It was the Obama Administration’s actions that necessitated the all-out attempt to delegitimize President Trump before he could expose them.

President Trump did nothing to provoke the Obama intelligence community framing him as a Russian traitor. You have to look at President Obama to understand this unprecedented attempt to overturn a presidential election. Our press, including most of the conservative press, has always been unwilling to focus on Obama, and the Marxist forces he unleashed in American politics. We can’t even use the word Marxist without the taint of supposed “McCarthyism.” Better to use vague terms such as “radical” or “Left,” or better still, avoid the deeper issues by calling the war against our president “derangement.”

The Mueller investigation and the phony impeachment would have been impossible without #TheResistance insisting on radical partisanship. The propaganda war against Trump hasn’t touched his loyal, grateful, voters, but it has turned normal Democrats into mindless haters.

There is nothing so terrible about President Trump that he can’t be treated fairly and rationally by the press and his opponents. Derangement is a choice. It is a strategy. It is true that President Trump often breaks norms of how politicians talk. He is rude. He does troll his opponents and purposely make them lose control. At the same time, his policies and his achievements are centrist; they would have been acceptable if a President Clinton proposed them.
I like him more since his election than I did before it.  I was a reluctant Trump voter because I could not abide Hillary Clinton as President.  While he can be "unpresidential" in dealing with his critics, most of them deserve it because of theri unhinged and unfair attacks on him.


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