Schiff's disgraceful treatment of Republican women at his impeachment fiasco

Faye Higbee:
The Pelosi and Schiff show (Democrats running the “impeachment hearings”) has destroyed our judicial system, not to mention the Constitution. Nancy Pelosi stated in a presser that “Donald Trump should prove his innocence.” Hold the phone: that’s backward from our system of jurisprudence. You are supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty.”

Batty Nancy isn’t the only one off plumb. Adam Schiff-for-brains continues to shut down strong questioning of witnesses by Republicans. He is a complete disgrace and should be run out of Congress. It is the Pelosi and Schiff show, and if it wasn’t so deadly serious it could be a sitcom.

Once again, Adam Schiff flat out REFUSES to let duly elected Members of Congress ask questions to the witness, simply because we are Republicans. His behavior is unacceptable and he continues to abuse his Chairmanship. Watch 📺👇
— Elise Stefanik (@EliseStefanik) November 15, 2019

Adam Schiff's behavior toward Elise Stefanik is appalling

If a Republican did this the media and the Democrat Party would instantly accuse them of being sexist

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) November 15, 2019

The idea that these are “open hearings” appears to be a falsehood.

.@RepAdamSchiff hasn’t even released the testimony from all of the closed-door depositions.

We are prohibited by House rules from discussing that testimony in these open hearings.

What a sham.

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) November 15, 2019

The Democratic Party seems to be waging a war on women.
Holy cow. Rep. @EliseStefanik absolutely wrecks Adam Schiff & the Democrats’ entire impeachment

— Liz Wheeler (@Liz_Wheeler) November 15, 2019

If a Republican chairman repeatedly tried to shush a female Democrat member like Schiff has done to @EliseStefanik ,there would be hell to pay in the press and beyond.

— Scott Taylor (@Scotttaylorva) November 15, 2019
Elisa Stefanik is a Republican Congresswoman from New York (I know a rarity). After Adam Schiff refused to let her question the witness and kept gaveling her saying “not recognized,” Rep Devin Nunes stepped in to demand that she be allowed to speak since someone gave up their time. When she was finally allowed to question the former Ambassador to Ukraine, she ripped a giant hole in the whole impeachment premise.
“President Obama’s own State Department was so concerned about potential conflicts of interest from Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma that they raised it themselves while prepping the wonderful ambassador nominee before her confirmation.” — Rep. @EliseStefanik
Think about it. The Obama administration knew about Biden’s escapades even before Yovanovich was nominated for Ukraine Ambassador. They didn’t provide her any counsel, but Trump did. If they raised the problem long before Trump mentioned it in a phone call, then there is no basis for these hearings at all.
The Pelosi Schiff show is a disgrace.  They are actively trying to coverup the Obama-Biden corruption in Ukraine while attacking Trump for asking for help in the investigation.


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