Nikki Haley more honorable than the deep state characters trying to push a coup attempt

Washington Post:
Haley says Tillerson, Kelly tried to recruit her to subvert Trump to ‘save the country’
In a new book, former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley slams Rex Tillerson as “exhausting” and John Kelly as suspicious of her access to the president, and argues they should have quit if they disagreed with him.
Haley describes what honorable people do when they have a disagreement with the boss.   Those who go behind his back and participate in a coup attempt are acting treasonously and should be brought to justice.  That would fit people who have the bazaar idea that they set foreign policy and not the President.

Trump's policies have not endangered the country and those who thought so have been proven wrong.    Those who tried to subvert the President are too full of themselves to be in responsible positions.


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