Liberal population centers are still out of touch with the rest of the country on Trump

Washington Post:

One year out from vote, Trump trails Democrats by wide margins, poll shows

Democrats’ current margins in the Washington Post-ABC News poll point to a substantial popular-vote advantage, but the party still faces obstacles when it comes to the electoral college.
New York and California are out of step with the rest of the country which means Democrats should still lose in 2020.  Democrats seem to dominate in states that are hurting themselves with Big Green fantasies that keep them from developing their resources.  They are also hurting themselves with high taxes and heavy regulations. It is also leading the smart people to leave those states. California, Illinois, and New York have large populations, but liberalism is chasing people away.

Trump's policies are delivering the best economy in the last 50 years and liberals would destroy it with policies that would put people out of work and kill the economy as a whole.  These people are not as smart as they think they are.


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