How Trump thwarts the liberal narrative on a daily basis

NY Times:

How Trump Reshaped the Presidency in Over 11,000 Tweets

The president’s tweeting was once a sideshow. But it transformed how he exerted power, leaving the White House and Twitter to grapple over whether, and how, to rein it in.
The NY Times and Washington Post were two of the leading organs used by the Deep State to push the Russian collusion hoax.  They both did it on a daily basis and they are both angry that it did not work.  Yet they have the nerve to suggest that the problem is the President's Twitter feed.  They will only be able to sell this narrative to the Deep State coup plotters and the liberal fascists who have tried to overthrow the Trump Presidency.  They have recently flipped from the Russian collusion hoax to a new hoax about Ukraine relying on traitors in the CIA and NSC.  This latest coup attempt will also be a failure.


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