Houston economy could grow by 30 percent, assuming Democrats are not elected and try to kill oil and gas business

Houston Chronicle:
Houston's economy could account for as much as 30 percent of Texas' economic growth in the coming decades, according to an analysis by a Texas consulting group.

Through 2045, real gross product in the Houston region could grow as much as 3.13 percent annually, according to projections by Ray Perryman, a Waco economist. That growth would add more than $667 billion to the state's economy, meaning Houston would contribute the largest share of any metro region to the state's economic growth between 2018 and 2045.
Democrat candidates have threatened to kill the fracking business and do other things to reduce dependency on oil and gas.  Such policies would be a disaster for Houston and eh overall Texas economy.   Houston voters are going to have to get smarter those policies would have a cascading negative effect on all aspects of the Houston and Texas economy.


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