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NY Times:

Aide Testified White House Lawyer Warned Him to Keep Trump Ukraine Call Secret

Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, who testified this week in the impeachment inquiry, said he was told not to discuss a call in which President Trump pressed Ukraine’s president for investigations.
The President is entitled to have his communications with foreign leaders kept confidential.  There was nothing illegal or immoral about the call.  There are apparently people in the Deep State and in the media who think Democrat corruption should not be investigated.  The left may want to pretend that there was nothing wrong with the Bidens deal with Ukraine, but it does not pass the smell test with the vast majority who don't use their political power to enrich themselves and their relatives.

Joe Biden engaged in a quid pro quo to stop an investigation of his son's corrupt deal with a corrupt company in Ukraine.  Asking for an investigation of that is a reasonable thing to do and the fact that Biden might be a candidate for President himself makes it all the more important to have that investigation.

The hypocrisy of the media in response to Trump's request for help with an investigation is blatant hypocrisy.  If Trump and his sons engaged in similar conduct the NY Times and Washington Post would think it was a corrupt act, but it is OK for a Democrat.  But both of these organs decided early on that they did not have to be fair with Trump.


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