A Senate trial on impeachment could be bad for Democrats

Eddie Scarry:
Subpoena the person that may very well be the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nominee: former Vice President Joe Biden. While they’re at it, bring in his middle-aged son, Hunter Biden. Among the million goal posts set up by Democrats in the impeachment pursuit is the claim that Trump wanted Ukraine to commit to investigating the Bidens for the sole purpose of hurting Biden in the election. The investigation would have presumably centered on Hunter Biden’s dubious involvement with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, and Biden’s involvement as vice president in the ousting of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating the company for corruption. There’s a there there, and Biden has all but admitted it in his very limited public remarks on the matter. They need to be asked about everything they know, even if it means Biden has a meltdown out of frustration on the witness stand.

Subpoena the career government employee who started this circus. If President Trump stands accused of not committing a crime but merely conducting government affairs in a disagreeable way, the person who brought the initial accusation should be questioned. The public deserves to know everything about him there is to know, directly from his mouth. The inspector general said the bureaucrat exhibited a political bias. What was the nature of it? What’s his employment history? Why did he meet directly with Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff’s staff, a step that’s outside the normal protocol for whistleblowers?

Next, Republicans can provide a detailed account of the Ukrainian government’s direct interference in the 2016 election. They can do that by subpoenaing the three New York Times reporters who broke the story in mid-August of that year. That last sentence will probably make every journalist in Washington soil themselves; so, to be clear, the purpose of bringing in the reporters would not be to force them to reveal sources and newsgathering methods (ZZZ) but to ask them to walk the public through their reporting on a major scandal. The story itself is transparent about the Ukrainian government agencies (which happen to also work with the FBI) that provided interviews, records, and other materials for the Times’ report. But the Senate trial will be televised, and seeing the story told is far more compelling than asking that the public read an article that’s now three years old.
I think they could also subpoena Adam Schiff who has repeatedly lied in support of his coup attempt.  They should also exam who the co-conspirators are in this coup attempt.


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