Why don't Democrats want to find out who turned the FBI into a Hillary Clinton super pac?

Ann Coulter:
This column will explain the impeachment farce in two minutes. By the end, you will thank the media for demanding the release of Trump’s phone calls with the presidents of Ukraine and Australia.

What the phone transcripts demonstrate is that -- unlike the typical Republican -- Trump is not a let-bygones-be-bygones sort. He intends to find out who turned the FBI into a Hillary super PAC, using the powers of the nation’s “premiere law enforcement agency” (according to them) to take out a presidential candidate, and then a president.

The whole picture becomes clear when you have the timeline.

Instead of the FBI just admitting that it launched the Russia probe to help elect Hillary, the agency has given us a scrolling series of excuses for this partisan attack.

The FBI’s first claim was that it was merely investigating the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s email servers. As part of that effort, it was, naturally, obligated to spy on the Trump campaign.

Then we found out that the John le Carre theory of Hillary’s defeat was based exclusively on the word of a single cybersecurity firm. Yes, the FBI was SO frantic about the DNC’s servers ... that it didn’t bother examining them itself. I repeat: The FBI never touched the DNC's servers.

And who did? CrowdStrike. Who was CrowdStrike? A Ukrainian-backed cybersecurity firm.
She goes on to talk about the embrace of the Steele dossier until it turned out Hillary paid for it.  Muller and the FBI could not find evidence to support the hearsay in that document.  When Hillary's bought and paid for dossier flopped the FBI concocted the story about George Papadopoulos and Mifsud.  Perhaps that is why Democrats are upset about Barr's trip to Itlay and the Trump call to the Aussies to find out more about the elusive Mifsud who became an excuse for their previous coup attempt and the Russian hoax.

Now we have another document loaded with hearsay that is already being shown to be wrong.


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