Warren proposal would require home healthcare workers to pay union dues whether they wanted to or not

Washington Examiner:
Elizabeth Warren has issued a labor reform proposal that would likely result in home healthcare providers having chunks taken out of their checks without their consent by unions.

The Democratic presidential candidate has called for rolling back a Trump administration rule that prevented Medicaid funds from being diverted from their intended recipients and sent to unions instead, a change she argues would empower workers.

Warren called the Trump rule a “cynical” move when she announced her labor reform plan last week. She claimed that the administration wants to prevent "home care workers that work with Medicaid beneficiaries from using paycheck deductions for health insurance contributions and union dues.” Warren said her intention behind rolling back the Trump administration rule was to guarantee “that all home care workers can join a union or other worker organization.”

Many home-care workers see it differently.

“Our government took the necessary steps to protect these Medicaid dollars so they are spent as the taxpayers intended — to support and provide care for our most vulnerable citizens,” said Pamela Harris, an Illinois home-care provider who relies on Medicaid subsidies to take care of her developmentally disabled son.

Harris fought against similar efforts to divert Medicaid payments in her state, eventually taking her battle all the way to Supreme Court in 2014's Harris v. Quinn. Harris won a limited victory when the court ruled that she and other Illinois home-care providers were not state employees and that the state couldn't sign a collective bargaining contract on their behalf. That prevented Harris and others from being in a union but left similar situations unresolved in other states.
Warren in pandering to union bosses who want to skim off the payments to people who don't want to join their unions.   It is part of her anti-freedom agenda.


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