The Steele dossier implies Putin wanted Trump to win, but why was it made up of alleged statement of Russian intelligence agencies who worked for Putin.

Real Clear  Politics:
Stephen Cohen:
... this is clearly something concocted probably by Intelligence agencies around the world. And that's what it has turned out to be.

Steele's premise, which got him attention was that he got all this from sources high in the Kremlin, correct? It was supposed to be Kremlin sources. But the story didn't make any sense because the dossier said Putin wanted to elect Trump. So why then we asked ourselves, would Putin's own agents, give Steele dirt on Trump to destroy his candidacy? The whole Steele document made very little sense.
Cohen is a retired professor of Russian Studies at Princeton.  He raises what should have been an obvious point that the media totally overlooked in its desire to push the Russian collusion hoax as part of its coupe attempt against the President.


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