The Senate needs to question Adam Schiff

Derek Hunter:
While Democrats are dragging anyone they can think of in front of nearly every committee in the House, desperately looking for anything to justify their political “hail Mary,” maybe the Senate should involve itself in the “hunt for truth.”

There’s nothing stopping Republicans in the Senate from calling someone like Congressman Adam Schiff to testify before some relevant committee, perhaps the Judiciary Committee.

The House handles impeachment, but the Senate has oversight duties as well. Democrats like Schiff have been making declarative statements about crimes and improper activities like he has secret and firsthand knowledge of activities the country would be well-served to know. After all, if Schiff has, like he’s said several times, evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, he should be asked to produce it, under oath.

There’s also the curious case of how Schiff was tweeting out the Democratic Party’s latest impeachment narrative involving Ukraine weeks before he publicly claimed to have learned about the phone call he “parodied” in the House last week.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see him under oath, testifying under penalty of perjury, about what he knew and when he knew it? Democrats dragged Corey Lewandowski up to the Hill for a hearing with no other point than to embarrass him and the president (which backfired on them horribly), maybe that favor should be returned by Senate Republicans.

Schiff has made many declarative, unequivocal statements of presidential crimes, claiming to have seen evidence himself. The American people deserve to know, under penalty of perjury, what exactly he knows that he’s keeping to himself.
Schiff is not trustworthy and should be held to be hoist on his own petard.  If he was required to testify I suspect he would be evasive as he is when interviewed not under penalty of perjury.  He is one of the major coup plotters and should also have to testify about who his co-conspirators are.


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