The left's war against the Texas economy includes both fossil fuels and ranching

Fuel Fix:
If it weren't tough enough for Texans that government officials worldwide are trying to reduce their reliance on oil, now they are going after steak.

On Thursday mayors from 14 cities including Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and Seoul pledged to reduce the amount of meat served in public institutions.

Instead they will shift towards more plant-based meals - with no more than two thirds of a pound of meat per person served each week.The pledge at the Mayors Summit in Copenhagen followed a letter from scientists earlier this month warning the world needed to reduce meat and dairy consumption to reduce the impact of climate change.

"Eating less meat and dairy in our growing cities is a way to address the climate emergency. Cities can play a crucial role in helping citizens to reduce their consumption of livestock products, and to enable the changes necessary to meet ambitious climate change targets,"Pete Smith, a professor at the University of Aberdeen, told the Independent.
It is interesting that Democrats think they can turn Texas blue by destroying millions of jobs in this state.  It is like expecting chickens to vote for Col. Sanders.


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