The impeachment charade and those who facilitated it

Adriana Cohen:
If you think the Democrats' impeachment charade is anything other than yet another orchestrated political hit job against the president, I have a bridge I want to sell you. Take a look at some of the latest eye-opening revelations, which should give all voters pause before blindly marching in the Democrats' impeachment parade.

The Federalist reported recently that the intelligence community inspector general secretly changed the rule requiring whistleblowers to have firsthand knowledge when submitting a complaint. The change allowed the politically biased whistleblower to file a complaint against the president using secondhand information. "In its press release, the ICIG also explicitly admitted it changed its policies because of the anti-Trump complaint, raising significant questions about whether the watchdog cooked its own books to justify its treatment of the anti-Trump complaint," said Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist.

If that suspicious rule change and its timing don't raise red flags, what does?

First off, no agency within the Department of Justice should ever be using hearsay or secondhand information to target a political opponent or trigger an investigation. That's how our country got dragged into the whole Russian collusion controversy of the past three years, which triggered multiple costly investigations -- including Mueller's special counsel probe -- stemming from a discredited dossier that former FBI Director James Comey told Congress was "unverified and salacious."

Result? After a $32 million taxpayer-funded witch hunt to derail the Trump administration, the special counsel found no evidence of Russian collusion, despite what we were told -- for years -- by the #FakeNewsMedia and partisans like House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and his Democratic colleagues. Evidently, the deep-state operatives in the intelligence inspector general's office have short memories; they've allowed a whistleblower complaint to be filed based on hearsay and secondhand information to impeach the president of the United States.

It's a total undoing of our democracy -- founded on free elections in which the people get to choose their representatives, not rogue deep-state operatives embedded in the intelligence community.
There is more.

Now Schiff is trying to push this putsch in a Star Chamber proceeding where Republicans are not allowed to subpoena witnesses. It is a very undemocratic procedure to overthrow a democratic election.


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