The Democrats illegitimate impeachment inquiry

NY Times:

White House Declares War on Impeachment Inquiry, Claiming Effort to Undo Trump’s Election

President Trump’s lawyer denounced the House investigation as an illegitimate exercise, and declared that the executive branch would not participate.
I think the administration and the Republicans are right about the Democrats' illegitimate coup attempt against the President.  I suspect that they are engaged in a cynical ploy to try to legitimize their own efforts to get foreign help in their 2016 campaign against Trump.  Their Russian collusion hoax was the ultimate conspiracy theory that they were aided and abetted with by the media. It was a hoax that they enlisted the aid of several foreign countries including Russians while they cynically accused the President of colluding with Russia.

There is evidence that the move is backfiring on the Democrats and has led Republicans to come off the sidelines and get involved in the 2020 race for Congress.
Seizing on impeachment and seeking to protect President Donald Trump, GOP outside groups over the past week have launched a seven-figure TV ad blitz in targeted districts and rolled out fundraising initiatives to help bankroll the eventual Republican nominee in some 20 Trump-won seats. They’re also cranking up efforts aimed at building donor lists.
Party strategists said they are already beginning to see an impeachment-fueled surge in base enthusiasm — evidenced by an uptick in fundraising and interest from potential candidates — that they believe can animate sleepy races in the 31 Democratic-held seats that Trump carried in 2016.
A new poll has also shown that Trump has picked up ground against Democrats running for the nomination. 


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