Republicans fighting back against the left's latest coup attempt

J.R. Dunn:
One example can be found in the confrontation between Indiana congressman Jim Banks and NPR's Michel Martin this past Wednesday.  Martin was fulfilling NPR's unwritten charter of putting the wildest fringe leftist thinking into comfortable terms to make it acceptable to the denizens of the suburbs.  Banks, a freshman representative who saw service in Afghanistan, wasn't having any.
Martin was attempting to put across the accepted narrative about the Trump/Zelensky call — that Trump asked the Ukrainian president for dirt on Biden as a "favor," that he immediately turned the conversation to Hunter Biden, that there was a "quid pro quo," and so on, all backed up by her claim that she had the transcript "in front of her."
Banks immediately cut to the chase on that, shutting down Martin with a single line: "... read the part of the transcript that would indict the president on high crimes and misdemeanors."
Of course, Martin could do no such thing, and despite some further word games, that was the end of it, leaving myriads of NPR listeners clutching their worry beads in shock and alarm.
Along with Elise Stefanik's bold defiance of the House Democratic elite, this is a serious indication that a new GOP is pecking its way out of the shell.  Stefanik (R-N.Y.), who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, relentlessly hammered Chairman Adam Schiff over the lies and inconsistencies regarding the "whistleblower," ending with a demand that "he should immediately step down as chair."
This is not your grandfather's — or even your uncle's — GOP.  For generations, the GOP has accepted the role of the battered wife of American politics, cheated, beaten, and manipulated repeatedly with no response whatsoever.  In fact, party officials — along with conservative spokesmen — have gone so far as to claim this as a virtue, in that being constantly humiliated in public was somehow keeping traditional values alive.
This, along with much else, has ended with Donald Trump.  Trump has clearly demonstrated that the only way to answer a belligerent, hostile Left is to go blow for blow with leftists.  He has continued this round after round and shows no sign whatsoever of backing off.  (His current campaign commercial states flat out: "No more Mr. Nice Guy.")
It is a two-front war with the media and the Democrats who are co-conspirators in this traitorous coup attempt against the President.  These are examples of REpublcans fighting back on both fronts.


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