NY Times embarrasses itself with story about Australia being asked to cooperate with Barr and Dunham investigation of 2016 efforts

Erick Erickson:
I’m sorry, but if the President of the United States wants to ask Australia to help the Attorney General investigate 2016, it is his right to do so. This is an absolute nothing burger of a story.

This is not interference in a future election, but an investigation of past actions premised on the President’s believe he cannot trust his own intelligence services. And they’ve given him ample reason to believe that, including leaking about this phone call.

I have never bought into the coup rhetoric, but this is starting to look like the President and intelligence services are at war with each other. It is also very clear from the President’s Australia phone call that he does not trust the information he is being given by the intelligence services.
If the intelligence service is behind the latest coup attempt the President has a good reason not to trust the intelligence service when it comes to those trying to remove him from office.


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