Media ignores the obvious about China money going to Hunter Biden's busienss

NY Times:

What We Know About Hunter Biden’s Business in China

Without presenting any evidence, President Trump suggested that China showered money on Mr. Biden to influence his father as vice president and win favorable trade deals with the United States.
A media that thinks someone renting a room at a Trump hotel is bribing the President but ignores a billion-dollar boondoggle for Hunter Biden shortly after he accompanied his father on an official trip to China is no evidence.  That is an absurd position that would be just the opposite if China did the same for Donald Trump, Jr. 

The media double standard on apparent corruption for Biden and other Democrats is stunning.  What the President is asking for is an investigation into why the deal was made that benefited the Bidens.  Why is it OK for Biden's brother to get a billion-dollar housing deal in Iraq but a problem for someone to stay at a Trump hotel in Europe?  Why is it OK for a gas company in Ukraine to pay Hunter Biden so much for so little?  The only apparent answer is that he is a Democrat and not a Republican.


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