Intlligence watchdog appears to have his own political bias favoring Democrats

Washington Examiner:
An Intelligence Community watchdog gave preferential treatment to House Democrats conducting an impeachment inquiry into President Trump while rebuffing Senate Republican questions, according to Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

“I’m dissatisfied, to put it mildly, with your refusal to answer my questions, while more fully briefing the three-ring circus that the House Intelligence Committee has become,” Cotton, who sits on the Senate panel overseeing the Intelligence Community, wrote to Inspector General Michael Atkinson.

Cotton wanted Atkinson to reveal the information that might suggest political bias on the part of the whistleblower who reported on President Trump’s now-famous July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Atkinson refused to describe the “indicia of an arguable political bias on the part of the complainant in favor of a rival political candidate,” to Cotton’s annoyance.

“This information is, of course, unclassified and we were meeting in a closed setting,” Cotton wrote. “Yet you moralized about how you were duty bound not to share even a hint of this political bias with us.”

The House Intelligence Committee, which is controlled by Democrats, learned more information from Atkinson. “The inspector general revealed that the whistleblower's possible bias was not that he was simply a registered Democrat,” the Washington Examiner reported Wednesday, citing three sources with knowledge of what was said in a closed-door briefing. “It was that he had a significant tie to one of the Democratic presidential candidates currently vying to challenge President Trump in next year's election.”
When you add in the fact that Atkinson has also refused to say who was responsible for changing the rules to allow hearsay, it appears he has his own anti-Trump bias.  He appears to be aiding and abetting the CIA-Democrat coup attempt.


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