Impeachment effort is a bad faith coup attempt

NY Times:

At Louisiana Rally, Trump Lashes Out at Impeachment Inquiry and Pelosi

The president denounced the impeachment inquiry and condemned what he called the “unholy alliance of corrupt Democrat politicians, deep-state bureaucrats and the fake news media.”
The Democrats and their deep state allies are engaged in a coup attempt against the President based on demonstrably false statements.  Unlike the first coup attempt by rogue FBI officials and some in the DOJ on the Russian collusion hoax, this one is a CIA based effort of one or more spooks or former spooks who appear to want to defend Biden corruption.  The same media which acted as a co-conspirator in the Russian collusion hoax coup attempt is apparently a co-conspirator in this latest coup attempt.  Adam Schiff also appears to be a co-conspirator.  His Star Chamber approach is a disgrace.


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