Elizabeth Warren makes up more stuff on campaign trail

Monica Showalter:
Elizabeth Warren caught makin' it up about pregnancy discrimination

It goes to show that Warren has a habit of making things up, not just for personal advantage, not just to appear a hero, the way Joe Biden does, but in her case, specifically to advance a false left wing 'narrative.'

She claimed her Indian ancestry derived from a mixed-race marriage among her ancestors resulted in discrimination - a truly phony claim given that there was no recent Indian ancestor - but it was useful to claim for the lefty 'narrative' that America, even in a nice place like Oklahoma, was brimming with racists.

She claimed medical costs in her research were behind most bankruptcies - totally errant, but again, useful for the leftist narrative to advance a the idea of a socialist government takeover of health care. Now she's thrown out this whopper on being ousted for pregancy, making herself part of a labor/women's grievance narrative always experiencing pregnancy discrimination because the discriminators even in lefty woke educational institutions are rampant in society. It's nonsense.
It seems to be part of the Democrat disease.  They must think their votes will be impressed by these stories.


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