Dutch farmers rebel against the 'climate change' fascists


Thousands of Dutch farmers rolled their tractors over highways to The Hague to protest a possible crackdown on nitrogen emissions from livestock and farming operations. The angry farmers snarled traffic for hundreds of miles in what has been called the Netherlands' busiest morning rush hour.

Brightly colored rows of the tractors rolled slowly down main roads all morning on Tuesday. The Dutch automobile association ANWB says it recorded more than 700 miles of traffic jams at the peak of rush hour, mostly due to the protest....
"Farmers and growers are sick of being painted as a 'problem' that needs a 'solution'," Dirk Bruins of the agricultural industry group LTO said, according to Reuters.
For example, one of the parties in the ruling coalition recently floated cutting in half the number of livestock allowed, while offering farmers financial incentives.

Member of Parliament Tjeerd de Groot, who has argued in favor of that idea, was reportedly booed by farmers when he appeared at a rally Tuesday in the center of The Hague. Agriculture Minister Carola Schouten rejected that idea while speaking to farmers at the same demonstration.
The Climate Change movement is taking on the aspects of control freak fascists who want to micromanage everyday activities for farmers, ranchers, and businesses.   I note a strong presence of John Deere tractors on the highway.  This looks like something the Democrat candidates for President of the US might try.


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