Democrats still unsuccessfully searching for a valid reason to impeach Trump

Frank Miele:
The notion of impeaching a president — any president — on the basis of a political disagreement is unconscionable, or should be. Yet we have watched Democrats and the media scurry from one “impeachable” offense to another over the last three years, hoping that one might stick. It has all the appearance of being a punishment in search of a crime to justify it.

So now we come to WhistleblowerGate and the Ukrainian corruption scandal. Let me see if I have this right: We are going to impeach President Trump because he asked the Ukrainian president to look into allegations of corruption involving a former vice president of the United States — and possibly a former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. That, to me, is weird. You would think we would all want to know if there was anything to the complaint against Joe Biden for pressuring Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who had oversight of the investigation of Biden’s son Hunter. Likewise, it is reasonable to think that if the Deep State coup against President Trump in 2016 had an outpost in the Ukraine, we would like to know that too.

But no, apparently not. Instead we are told that Biden has bought himself immunity from any future investigation by the executive branch on the grounds that he is running for president, and therefore a political opponent of the current president. According to Swamp logic, it is a political dirty trick for President Trump to alert the Ukrainians to our national interest in knowing whether our former vice president was a crook. Likewise, we don’t want to know whether Clinton launched any attacks on Trump with phony evidence manufactured by Ukrainian agents eager to curry favor with the presumed winner of the 2016 election.

By staking an impeachment claim on the phone call President Trump held with the Ukrainian president, the Democrats in Congress are essentially declaring that the president doesn’t have the power to negotiate with foreign leaders, he does not have authority as commander-in-chief to make deals, and he can neither cajole nor chide foreign nations to do our bidding without being brought to heel by the terrible oversight powers of Lord Congress.

But that describes a world that doesn’t exist, and can never exist. Instead, Congress is constrained not by the imaginings of political pundits, not even by the wishes of our Founding Fathers, but by the hard black letters of the Constitution. I am aware that impeachments have indeed been used for political purposes before, but I am arguing for a return to the plain language of the Constitution as a safeguard against chicanery. If Congress tries to stretch a friendly phone call between the presidents of two friendly nations into an impeachable offense, it will lose not only its credibility but also its own legitimacy that is granted by the Constitution.
And it will deserve to lose its crediblity with this absurd allegation based on an anonomous source who is touting hearsay.  This is another illigitimate coup attempt by Democrats unhappy about losing an election.


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