Democrats process for pushing impeachment likely to be challenged in the courts throwing off their timeline to get it done before election

J.R. Dunn:
The matter was given further point when three House committees -- Oversight, Intelligence, and Foreign Affairs -- sent subpoenas to the White House, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence, demanding an array of documents in what likely amounts to no more than a fishing expedition. The chairs of the committees, which includes the usual suspects Adam Schiff and Elijah Cummings, huffed that the White House had been “given a chance to cooperate,” forcing them to issue the subpoenas.
It’s unlikely that anyone in the White House will respond, especially in the wake of Trump’s letter to Nancy.
The major question here is whether the House has any grounds for action whatsoever in the absence of a formal vote, and whether the White House has any obligation to respond. In cases like this, it’s inevitable that it’s going to end up with the courts.
This can’t possibly be encouraging to Nancy and Little Orphan Adam. The only hope they have for effective damage control is a swift strike – an impeachment vote by the December recess that doesn’t spill over into the new year. Otherwise the impeachment itself becomes an issue in the presidential campaign, with the Democratic party and its leadership open to attacks from all directions.
Considering the deliberation of the court system, along with the Trump administration’s ability to appeal all the way up to the Supreme Court, this is very likely to happen. It’s possible we won’t see a final decision until after the 2020 election.

The process for this coup attempt had already begun to look in disarray and this will only add to that.


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