Democrats are planting fake Republicans at Town Hall meetings of GOP Senators to push their coup attempt

Monica Showalter:
The Democrats seem to be taking courage from polls showing that public support has marginally risen for impeaching President Trump. The more they see of that, the bolder and more brazen they can get in overturning that hated 2016 election. So, bad polls work for them.
And with that incentive on, a Democratic effort seems to have commenced to goose the numbers.
According to investigative reporter Paul Sperry:

BREAKING: Indivisible, a leftist protest group tied to Obama and his Alinsky tactics, have been astroturfing Democrats in vulnerable districts and Republican senators, planting fake constituents at town halls, to pressure reluctant lawmakers to get on board the impeachment train

In politics, that's called 'Astroturf.' It's an attempt to make public support, in this case, for impeachment, much stronger than it really is.
And the group in question is a pretty gamy one. Capital Research describes this Soros-backed group as "Faux-Insurgents for the Professional Left." They've been at it since at least 2017.
But from their corrupt point of view, it makes sense, given that the public is not hip with them.
Even Ohio's Trump-hating former governor, John Kasich, has warned Democrats that: "I’m out here in Ohio, I’m finally back in the heartland. There’s nobody talking about this. There’s nobody coming up to me and saying 'Oh my goodness!'" Coming from him, it's as good an indicator as any that the public is not buying the Democrats' "impeach the m--f--" selling point.
There is nothing that the left will not do to push its coup attempt against the President.


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