Behind Schiff's fictional accounts of Russian collusion and his mafia 'transcript' is a screenwriter wannabe

Red States:
During a recent Congressional hearing on the Trump/Zelensky whistleblower complaint, House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) despicably engaged in a parody reading of the call’s transcript, just outright making up things about the call that weren’t said.

Republicans were rightly outraged over the theatrical stunt for two reasons: 1) It made a mockery of the seriousness of the hearings and 2) The words weren’t Trump’s. At all.

As even Democrat journalist George Stephanopoulos noted when correcting House Speaker Pelosi’s comments on the issue last week, Schiff’s accounting of the call was his interpretation of it, not what was actually said.

While Schiff’s penchant for fabricating stories about the Trump administration and other Republicans is not exactly a new development, a little known fact about him reported by NPR this week explains quite a bit about his drama queen tendencies:

He’s an amateur screenwriter

Schiff was born in Massachusetts but represents Hollywood, so why not, right? His first screenplay was called, Remnant, which Schiff told The New Yorker “was a post-Holocaust story.” He then wrote a murder-mystery called Minotaur, and is now working on a “spy drama.”

None of his screenplays have sold.

“I had a friend who was a producer,” Schiff told The New Yorker, “and he said there were two answers in Hollywood — ‘Yes’ and ‘Here’s a check.’ I was getting lots of yeses.”

After NPR posted a tweet with a link to their piece on Schiff and noted he was an “amateur screenwriter”, Twitter users understandably had some thoughts...
This is one explanation for his fictional accounts to support his coup attempts against the President.  Why Democrats still listen to him is another question.


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