Media continues to mislead people about the meaning of Trump's go back to where you care from and prove you programs work before pushing them here

Washington Post:
‘Send her back’ chant from Trump N.C. rally sows fears of violence

President Trump’s visit continues to reverberate in Greenville, N.C., particularly for those who see themselves as targets of a campaign to whip up xenophobia and hate. After the deadly El Paso shooting, in which the suspect parroted Trump’s warnings about an “invasion” of immigrants, the rally chant echoes to some as a prelude to murder.
This is typical of the way the media deliberately distorts what Trump says and what was meant by the chant at the rally.  They take a snip-it of what he says and then act like it was the whole sentence.  They did it at Charlottesville with his statement about good people on both sides in the march and ignored his condemnation of the white nationalist and Antifa.  The Democrats latch on to this misleading reporting and use it in their campaign.  This story looks like a campaign piece for the Democrats that ignores what was actually said about the Squad.  Is it any wonder that Trump is critical of the media?


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