Left's try to motivate blacks with bogus charges of racism

NY Times:

Trump Fuels Racial Disharmony. Will It Motivate or Discourage Black Voters?

Democratic leaders say African-Americans are deeply engaged in this election, but President Trump is also targeting them with Facebook ads. How they react may well determine his future.
The left's allegations of racism against Trump are a desperate attempt to try to mislead black voters to vote against their own interests and against Trump.  Blacks have done better under Trump than any Democrat president in the last 50 years and maybe ever.   What the left is trying to do is say that black political figures are immune from criticism for their obvious political failures.  Black leaders in inner cities such as Baltimore and Detroit have failed their people.  It is fair to criticize them for this failure and it is unfair to the constituents they failed to give them a bass because of their ethnicity. What the media are doing in backing this Democrat racism scam is despicable.

In the meantime:
Democrat Indifference to Baltimore's Inner-City Decline Harms Minorities


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