Despite the bogus charges of racism by the left racial prejudice has declined under Trump

World Tribune:
UPenn survey: Racial prejudice has significantly declined in Trump era

A new study has found that anti-black and anti-Hispanic prejudice has declined since President Donald Trump took office. The results defied their expectations, the researchers said.

In the study, University of Pennsylvania sociologists Daniel J. Hopkins and Samantha Washington set out to measure the effect of Trump’s election on anti-black and anti-Hispanic prejudice. For the study, they used a randomly-selected panel of 2,500 Americans whose changing opinions have been under study since 2008.

The Penn academics reported that they had been expecting to measure a rise in racist opinions in the Trump era, writing: “The normalization of prejudice or opinion leadership both lead us to expect that expressed prejudice may have increased in this period, especially among Republicans or Trump supporters.”

Hopkins and Washington said they had been led to expect this after an extensive reading of recent literature in social sciences which, they say, supports the notion that racist attitudes lie dormant inside many people, waiting to be triggered by certain events – of which the election of Donald Trump might be one.

The study found the opposite.

Americans, Hopkins and Washington said, have actually become less inclined to express racist opinions since Trump was elected. Anti-black prejudice, they found, declined by a statistically-insignificant degree between 2012 and 2016 while President Barack Obama was in office. After Trump was elected in 2016, the study found, anti-black prejudice took a sharp dive that was statistically significant. Moreover, contrary to their expectations, the decline was as evident among Republican voters as it was among Democrats. There was also a general fall in anti-Hispanic prejudice, the study found.
The media and the Democrats seem desperate to ignore this progress and stir up racial animosity toward the President and his supporters.


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