Anit-Israel congresswomen trip to Israel abandoned

Babylon Bee:
Women Who Don't Believe Israel Has Right To Exist Not Sure Why They Got Banned From Israel

Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar reported Thursday they were bewildered that they got banned from Israel, a country they seem to believe shouldn't exist at all.

"It's racism," said Omar in a press conference. "It's all due to racism. Well, that and a Jewish conspiracy. The Jews are behind this, for sure." (The evidence indicates she's correct on this assertion, a first for her accusations against Jews).

Tlaib agreed, saying she wanted to ask Jews about the Holocaust so she could relax and get a "calming feeling" while she was there.

"It just doesn't make much sense for this country that shouldn't even exist to ban us," she said. "What have we ever said against them, besides suggesting they are terrorists who deserve to be pushed into the sea?"
This is a satire site with a remarkable perceptive report on the two anti-Semites.  They do seem surprised to see that many Israelis think their country has a right to exist.

BTW, the leader of a Palestinian terrorist organization backed the anti-Semite congresswomen.
Top Hamas official backs Omar and Tlaib after Israel ban


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