Upstate New York continues to lose population

NY Post Editorial:
A full three-quarters of Western New York’s cities and towns are losing population, with Buffalo the biggest loser as it shrank by an average of 51 people a day since 2010.

Yes, that’s the Queen of the Great Lakes — which Gov. Cuomo will tell you is seeing a renaissance thanks to his Buffalo Billion spending. Oops.

The pop-drop figures come from the Buffalo-focused site Business First, which compared data from the 2010 Census with the Census Bureau’s new estimates for 2018.
The obvious reason is that new jobs are so rare outside New York City’s unique economic engine.

Cuomo’s policies sure haven’t helped: His fracking ban shut down the best hope for solid growth in much of the state.

Nor have his new casinos proved a boon for Upstate — indeed, most aren’t coming close to the profits they’d envisioned when they opened.
Buffalo's population is now about the same as Laredo, Texas, and that is without counting all the illegals who are flocking across the Rio Grande.  Buffalo appears to be joining Green Bay as an anomaly, i.e. a smallish city with an NFL team. 

Cuomo has done great harm to the upstate area by blocking drilling for natural gas which would revive the area and provide much-needed fuel to growth areas of the state which he has also harmed by blocking pipelines for natural gas.  The area is losing population and jobs as a direct result of Cuomo's bad policies.


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