Texas has new law to enhance free speech on college campuses

Washington Examiner:
Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, praised Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for signing a campus free speech law banning so-called free speech zones that allow only certain viewpoints to be expressed on college campuses across the state.

“The First Amendment is under constant attack by those who shut down ideas they can’t contend with,” Crenshaw said Monday. “The University is a place for students to grapple with new ideas and opinions, not be coddled.”

The law requires state schools in Texas to use more content-neutral standards when deciding who can come to campus to speak or which student organizations can use official campus resources.
Many national grassroots conservative organizations looking to recruit members say they have been unfairly targeted by what they perceive as biased bureaucracies run by liberal university administrators.

Video of a conservative activist getting punched in the face at a California university went viral this year, inspiring President Trump to announce an executive order on campus free speech.
Liberals are hostile to free speech and they attempt to suppress it by designated opposition statements as "hate speech" which they deem not covered by the 1st Amendment.  They are wrong about that on two levels.  One, opposition speech is not hate speech and even if it were it is still permitted by the 1st amendment.


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