Texas Governor and Legislature turn back the heavy hand of government

Brandon Morse:
It may be increasingly infested with blue voters, but Texas is still an example of what a state should look like, and it’s only getting increasingly better while Governor Greg Abbott is in charge.

Over the past few months, Republican legislators have been working with Abbott to take the government’s hands off the people. Superfluous laws and authoritarian actions are dying highly public deaths, and Abbott is making it all too entertaining to watch.

Abbott has a habit of taking to social media to allow you to watch the signing of bills that pry the government’s kung-fu grip off of the people. This includes red light cameras

…looser liquor laws, including one that allows it to be delivered directly to your home like a pizza…

…a law protecting free speech on campus

…and even a law that allows children to open up a lemonade stand without running into the law.
There is more.

Lifting the hand of control freak government from the people is a good thing.


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