Pelosi's crazy Trump policy

Michael Goodwin:
That’s good to hear, but then why does Pelosi keep talking as if she’s in a banana republic? Doesn’t she realize she’s playing a dangerous game guaranteed to tear America further apart and spark a tit-for-tat escalation?

Twice in recent weeks she jacked up the temperature on the crazies’ obsession with impeaching President Trump. First she accused him of engaging in a criminal “coverup” and then said she didn’t favor impeachment, she favored putting Trump “in prison.”

In neither case did Pelosi detail what crimes the president of the United States committed that constituted a coverup or would be worthy of prison. It’s also significant that she made both comments after the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report that found no collusion and offered no conclusion on obstruction, with the attorney general ruling that there was no obstruction.

So what the hell is she talking about?

The explanation makes sense only in the bizarro world of far-left politics in the age of Trump.

Conventional wisdom holds that Pelosi’s eruptions are tactical moves as she tries to resist rabid impeachment dogs like Reps. Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff.

The tortured explanation amounts to a claim that Pelosi is demonstrating she hates Trump more than anybody, but opposes impeachment only because most voters don’t want it.

As a result, she fears it will be a dead end for Dems because there is nothing close to a two-thirds majority in the GOP-led Senate needed for conviction and removal.

A failed impeachment, her argument goes, would re-elect Trump and let the GOP take back the House and hold the Senate. In plain English, the Dems would destroy themselves in a bid to destroy Trump.

She’s right about the likely fallout, but if calling for prison somehow defines Pelosi as rational and responsible, Washington itself is a giant insane asylum.
The Democrats have been reduced to an incoherent hate fest without a logical end.  Their supposed crimes and impeachable offenses are ludicrous.  There is a meme that has been circulating on social media about an innocent guy being prosecuting for resisting a lynching.  That is an apt description of the Democrats current attacks on Trump.


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