Democrats' net neutrality hysteria proven to have been misplaced

Monica Showalter:
Was there ever anything Democrats made a bigger stink about than the need for net neutrality and its subsequent repeal?  Remember how CNN called it "the end of the Internet as we know it"?  Remember all the sick death threats against FCC chairman Ajit Pai?  Remember the hysterical screaming, the claims of Big Corporate slowing down the internet to punish us, or something of that sort?
John Merline at Issues & Insights has a meaty, must-read piece about just how overblown and phony that crisis really was. He writes:
Well, here we are, one year later. 
The internet is still functioning. In fact, it's better than ever. Last year, average internet download speeds shot up almost 36%, and upload speeds climbed 22%, according to internet speed-test company Ookla in its latest U.S. broadband report.
There are more users than ever. More videos to watch. More content to consume. More commerce being conducted. No sites are being blocked. No one is complaining that their service is being throttled. And more people are gaining access to broadband.
During President Trump's first year in office, in fact, the number of people without access to a broadband connection dropped by 18%.
So what of all the chicken-clucking and feather-fluttering that came from the Democratic henhouse?  Silence.  They just moved on in embarrassment.
There is something about Democrat reactions in recent years.  They have lost the ability to deal with political setbacks.  Their juvenile response to these setbacks is to light their hair on fair and declare the end of the world as we know it.  That is why Biden is now talking about Trump as an "ewxestential" threat to the US.  It is just more hysterical nonsense.


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