Democrats do not have a case

Washington Examiner:
Famed Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz says House Democrats at this point are gasping for air in the never-ending Russia saga.

“They’re looking to create something that isn’t there,” he told me in a brief phone interview Monday morning. “They’re trying to weaponize the criminal justice system for partisan advantage. It’s not there. There’s no obstruction of justice in the [special counsel] report.”

Democrats on Monday will hear testimony related to their absurd case against President Trump for supposedly obstructing justice.

Democrats have called in former President Richard Nixon's lawyer John Dean to offer testimony that would bolster their case for Trump’s impeachment. Dean is expected to draw parallels between Nixon, who resigned before his own imminent impeachment, and Trump, who committed the heinous crime of talking with his personal lawyer about ending the special counsel investigating him.

Dershowitz said that the difference between Nixon and Trump is that Nixon paid off potential witnesses, told them to lie, and physically destroyed evidence that could be used against him in the Watergate scandal. Trump, by contrast, had a phone call with his lawyer.

“What you see in the Mueller report is the president thinking about how to end this, what he called a 'witch hunt,'" said Dershowitz. "And any subject of an investigation is entitled to think about ending it and to seek advice about whether to fire or not fire those conducting it. And he’s entitled to pardon people and fire them. So I don’t see any criminal conduct."
When you consider there was no evidence of an underlying crime, it makes the Democrat position all the more ridiculous.  But pushing this nonsense Democrats are also alienating the independents which makes it a bad political move too.


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