Democrats AWOL on child exploitation and abuse on the border

GOP senators are putting Democrat senators on the defensive by directly spotlighting the Democrats’ role in creating the “child recycling” problem on the U.S. border.

“We have this obvious mistreatment of children, recycling of children, [people] being paid to do it, probably the cartel benefiting from it,” Iowa GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley told the Senate Judiciary Committee June 11, adding:

There doesn’t seem to be the outrage that there ought to be, particularly in the media of the United States that is the police force for our democratic system of government, [given] that they are not paying any attention to it, always finding something wrong that the president is doing. It is just outrageous, and it is outrageous that we can’t pass legislation to correct this.

Migrants and coyotes are renting and trading hundreds of children to help them get through the Flores catch-and-release loophole in the border, according to agency reports.

The child-recycling business exists because the 2015 Flores loophole sets a 20-day limit on the family detentions. That limit allows economic migrants to be released and get work permits if they just bring a child and ask for asylum from supposed persecution and criminal threats.

In any debate over child recycling, the Democrats are vulnerable because they are “responsible for the abuse of these [recycled] children,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

The Democrats’ support for the Flores loophole ensures that children become “a golden ticket to release into the United States,” said Krikorian, regardless of the harmful impact on blue-collar Americans’ wages, rents, and schools. He continued:

They’re not only opposed to separating kids from their parents when they try to cross the border, but they are also opposed to keeping the parents and kids together if they are to be detained. By making it impossible to either detain the parents while sending the kids to relatives [in the United States] or to detain the whole families together, Democrats have supercharged the problem at the border.

The child-recycling business is a political problem for Democrats, partly because it undermines their use of the “family separation” claim to intimidate voters and GOP politicians in debates about immigration.
The Democrats are aiding and abetting this child exploitation racket by refusing to do anything about the broken asylum system that their judges have screwed up.  In the meantime, they whine about children who show up sick.  What is really sick is the Democrats' immigration policy and their refusal to compromise on a system that is exploiting kids.


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