Biden joins with Brennan in making nutty statements about Trump

Washington Examiner:
Former CIA Director John Brennan weighed in Tuesday on 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden calling President Trump an "existential threat" to the United States during a speech in Iowa.

"Well I think Vice President Biden was talking about Mr. Trump’s impact on our national security as well as credibility as a nation across the board," Brennan told Chris Matthews on MSNBC. "So from the standpoint of a threat, he is emphasizing how harmful Mr. Trump’s actions — and as well as his inactions — in terms of addressing the issues we need to address, that it is a danger and one that is an existential threat."

"It’s hard to point out any aspect of Trump’s behavior that is more dangerous than another," he continued. "He doesn’t seem to be intellectually curious about things that affect our lives and lives of future generations. Whether it’s climate change or other issues, such as the threats that exist in that cyber environment."
Trump has done more to revive this country than any Democrat has in decades.  His economic policies have lifted people out of poverty and dependency and that has become an existential threat to Democrats and liberalism, but not to the country.  What Democrats favor is policies that were destroying the country.


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