Apple has the capacity build build all its iPhones outside of China

Chriss Street:
Bloomberg reports that Apple’s primary business partner has capacity to produce 100 percent of iPhones outside China demonstrates America’s strength in US Trade War.
Just hours after Simon Rabinovitch, Asia editor for the Economist, claimeddamage to global supply chains from the Sino-U.S. Trade War may be "irreversible" and push the world into recession, Bloomberg reported that an executive of Foxconn, Apple's Taiwan-based primary assembly partner, has enough non-China capacity for all iPhone production.
Worldwide stock prices rallied overnight on belief that the supply chain risks to U.S. multinational corporations that supposedly forced a quick settlement of President Trump’s tariff threats against Mexico would force a China settlement at the June 28 G-20 Meeting in Japan. But the early morning news of Apple iPhone contingent supply chain erased the stock gains.
According to Thompson Reuters, components breakdown for the $999 list price iPhone X with 64GB of storage is $378.25. Reuters found that only a $6 commoditized battery pack and $8 in basic assembly cost is attributable to China inputs.
The biggest international vendor for the Phone X is South Korea that makes $110 touch screen displays, followed by $33.45 for memory from Japan or South Korea. For the hundreds of different iPhone components, the supply chain includes about 40 nations.    
I think South Korea or Taiwan could probably supply the assembly of the phones if the company decides not to do so in the US.  This looks like another loss for China in the trade war.


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