ABC News 2008 predictions of doom and gloom because of 'climate change' by 2015 off base

As Rush Limbaugh points out:
RUSH: It was a bunch of young people in this ad. They were predicting that by 2015 — four years ago — milk would be 13 bucks a gallon, gasoline over $9 a gallon. The video effects show Manhattan half underwater.

They show very little of Miami left. This was gonna happen by 2015, and this was just a promo for a special that was to run and did run in the fall of 2008 called Earth 2100 — and it’s a good catch, because it illustrates just how wrong and fearmongering the entire climate change, global warming (now “extreme weather”) crowd is.
Hardly any of the dire predictions about "climate change" have been realized, but they keep pushing the narrative anyway.   The UN has been predicting that the world had only 10 years to change its ways are we were doomed since 1989.  They appear to renew that warning every 10 years.


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