The Democrats Venezuela problem

Washington Post:
Addressing CPAC, the vice president ties 2020 Democrats to policies he blamed for economic collapse in Venezuela.
The Democrats who embrace socialism have not been able to explain what Venezuela did wrong.  They don't seem to understand that markets do a better job of setting prices and responding to the laws of supply and demand. 

They don't seem to get that single payer healthcare controls costs by rationing services making life and death decisions about who will receive care when resources are scarce. 

Looting assets from others and not having the resources to maintain equipment and production leads to an ever-shrinking cash flow in the energy business. 

The Democrats' Green New Deal pushes inefficient and unreliable alternative energy which is unable to scale to meet demand.  They don't care.  It cost much more than conventional energy and uses more land mass to produce less.

All of there policy proposals have had unsatisfactory consequences were tried and in the case of Venezuela, they had catastrophic consequences leading to people fighting over garbage to feed themselves and dying without medicine in decrepit hospitals.  If Republicans are smart they will use video from Venezuela to show the struggles of the population under socialism.


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