Shortly after Nancy Pelosi visited Laredo, Texas and shook hands with mayor of Nuevo Laredo this happened

NY Daily News:
Mexico drug violence: 9 hanged, 14 decapitated in border city of Nuevo Laredo  

Just across the border from the U.S., drug gangs slaughtered 23 people — hanging nine from a bridge and decapitating 14 more, whose heads were found stashed in coolers near the town hall.

The four men and five women discovered dangling from the Colosio Bridge in Nuevo Laredo were handcuffed, blindfolded and bore signs of torture.

A banner hanging from the bridge claimed the victims — between the ages of 25 and 30 — had committed an April 24 car bombing outside a police station, Mexican media reported.

Hours later, the 14 headless bodies were found in black bags in a gray van parked near a trade association.

The heads were in three ice chests found three hours later.

Nuevo Laredo, on the Texas border, is the site of a vicious feud between the Zeta and Gulf cartels.

Last month, another 14 bodies were found abandoned outside the mayor's office.
The drug cartels are fighting over access to the I-35 corridor which begins in Laredo and runs up the middle of the United States.  While Pelosi pretends there is not a crisis on the border and opposes border barriers the cartels continue their grizzly killing not only in Mexico, but they are bringing in drugs into the US that could kill millions.  More people are dying on a weekly basis from just heroin overdoses than were killed on a weekly basis in Vietnam during the war.  That does not count the deaths from Meth and Fenatyal.


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