McCabe rehired author of discredited dossier after Comey was fired

Paul Sperry:
Two days after then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe formally put President Trump under criminal investigation in May 2017, bureau officials reached out to the author of the controversial "Steele dossier" for more information, even though they had fired him for misconduct six months earlier.

Text messages and congressional testimony transcripts reveal that McCabe’s “Russia team” re-established direct contact with ex-British spy Christopher Steele to build a case against the president for espionage and obstruction of justice after Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey on May 9, 2017.

Comey had previously described the dossier – opposition research alleging Trump-Russia ties that was paid for by the Clinton campaign – as “salacious and unverified.” The FBI had severed ties with Steele in November 2016 due to behavior that convinced his handlers he was not a trustworthy source.

Former federal prosecutors and investigators described the move to RealClearInvestigations as "desperate." They also said the FBI’s decision to suddenly re-engage with a discredited confidential source raises fresh questions about the evidentiary grounds on which the FBI opened an unprecedented probe targeting the president.

“It suggests that McCabe lacked evidence to make an espionage case against Trump and was desperate to find it — even if that meant going back to the same unreliable source of still-unverified dossier dirt,” former federal prosecutor Solomon L. Wisenberg said.

While noting that there are not only Justice Department rules but also federal laws against opening groundless investigations, they warned that if the nation’s top police force can investigate and spy on a president without hard evidence of criminal behavior, they can do it to anyone. “It’s pretty clear that Comey’s firing is what prompted McCabe’s fury," Wisenberg said.
It raises the question of whether McCabe has since sought treatment for his paranoia.  There seems to be a mass outbreak at the FBI and with certain intelligence leaders such as Brennan and Clapper.  Their allegations without evidence have roiled the political scene in Washington and fed Democrat fantasies of removing an elected President.


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